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If you trust me with your inbox, I promise to share with you only what you want to see.  I have several groups within my email list to ensure that you aren't getting junk mail that does not apply!

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Connect with Nichole

New Products: When I launch a new design I like to do it with a splash!  Get the heads up for the ready to ship products before they go live in my Etsy shop. 

Secret Sales: Every once in a while I will have a super secret coupon code that only you will have!  Also get a super sneak peek before the Facebook live sales happen. 

Boise ID announcements: I LOVE my Boise customers!  I will be in Boise 6 times in 2018, stay up to date with my location and new stuff.

Ministry in Business: At Sew Cute I strive every-single-day to keep God in my studio. I love to connect with other businesses that do this too. Sometimes I have thoughts and ideas that I like to bounce off of other small business owners. Join this list to be a part of that! 

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