Tuesday, October 17, 2017

DIY Home Project #1

Ross and I purchased our first home back in May!  We are so incredibly excited to be moving into our  very own house!  This home was built in 1949. There is evidence of a lot of do it yourself projects throughout every room. But that was a couple of owners ago and now its our turn!

Project #1 - the "straight out of the 80's" gold fireplace. - this project was simple and quick!

just need a few things:

cover and tape off the glass, the surrounding brick and the floor. I'm sorry I don't have a photo of the taping job - I was just to excited to finish the project that I forgot to take pictures!!

I did two coats of paint. One can was more than enough. you could use news paper instead of masking paper if you chose - I just happened to have this on hand.

go from this:
to updated:
in about an hour.  It still looks like an old fireplace - it is an old house after all! For our first home project, I think this is pretty great!

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