Saturday, October 21, 2017

Home DIY project #2 - faux exposed brick wall

Our new house needs a lot of work - especially in the kitchen. The DIY residents from years past have painted the kitchen, installed a tile countertop and put down peal and stick linoleum on the floor. They did not add any new cupboards, extra counter space or shelving of any kind. There is a lot of unused space and incredibly limited workspace.

We are eager to tear out the original cupboards and install all new pieces - but that won't happen until next year - And I just can't wait until then. So we did a project in one day that completely transformed a wall that has no cabinets on it.

We found these cool brick panels at Home Depot . 3 panels total. I also picked up a bucket of all purple sparkle and a putty knife.

Brick Panels : $25 each
Spackle: $7 each 

The first thing we did was tape off the location of the new lower cabinets and countertops that will be installed next year.  Ross hung the panels with our braid nailer

Once the panels were hung ... my turn is up

Applying the putty was easy - there is no real skill to it... scoop it out of the bucket, spread it on the wall. Vary the thickness, using the knife to spread in the grout , scrape across the brick surface to reveal some of the color. 

It did take a few hours for to cover the entire wall - my arm sure got a workout!

I like the look of a little more "plaster" with a little brick exposed to make it look like we had uncovered the original brick by sanding the plaster away.

This wall will not have any upper cabinets, it will have lower cabinets, a gas range, a range hood (in the center) and wood floating shelves on with side of the hood. Until then.... I don't have to look at the flat gray wall anymore!

Stay tuned while we do more projects in our first home!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

DIY Home Project #1

Ross and I purchased our first home back in May!  We are so incredibly excited to be moving into our  very own house!  This home was built in 1949. There is evidence of a lot of do it yourself projects throughout every room. But that was a couple of owners ago and now its our turn!

Project #1 - the "straight out of the 80's" gold fireplace. - this project was simple and quick!

just need a few things:

cover and tape off the glass, the surrounding brick and the floor. I'm sorry I don't have a photo of the taping job - I was just to excited to finish the project that I forgot to take pictures!!

I did two coats of paint. One can was more than enough. you could use news paper instead of masking paper if you chose - I just happened to have this on hand.

go from this:
to updated:
in about an hour.  It still looks like an old fireplace - it is an old house after all! For our first home project, I think this is pretty great!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Llama Drama

These little llamas have quickly become a shop favorite!!  These are the only animals use the Sherpa fabric for, because regular fleece just wouldn't do it justice!

The best part is: I have so many colors to choose from!

I make these furry little guys from a Funky Friends Factory pattern if you want to try it yourself!  These guys are definitely a beginner level pattern, very easy to follow!


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