Monday, June 8, 2015

This hustle interruption is brought to you by...

 Why is it every time I sit down to work with every intention to get so much done my phone sends me an alert with a very inviting way to waste my hustle    
Is there such thing as candy crushers anonymous? Why is wasting time on these mindless games the one thing I struggle the most with? Is my dream not bigger than these games?

As I talked about yesterday, I've been reading and following Jon Acuff, today, after I wasted a good hour and a half mindlessly playing facebook games on my phone (and then on my kindle after I had used up all of my lives) while watching a movie on netflix that I've seen a hundred times, and totally ignoring the fact that I have work to do, and every minute I spend wasting time, is another minute later I get to bed tonight.... and that alarm is going to go off at 5:30 tomorrow morning no matter what time I go to bed. 

Jon introduced a summer challenge to go along with his latest book. I'm taking it! It's got an organized grid sheet and everything, and if you know me at all, you know that I love organized grid sheets! 

So I've printed it off, and I am set to do this! I WILL complete 25 hours of work toward my holiday stock this year. Every 15 minutes I spend today, is 15 minutes of early bedtime in October when I'm in the final rush to the first Christmas Craft Show.

Do this with me! Who's in? 

Let's reach our dreams together, find me on instagram @bynichole, let's link up and own our dreams this summer!!
#dosummer2015 with Jon Acuff!

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