Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hustle Book for the OCD in me

Only an author like Jon Acuff could have over 12,000 people calling themselves hustlers

While the majority of my business comes from my online shop at Etsy I also rely on the large amount of sales I make at a series of craft shows during the holiday season. 

Last summer I made a huge mistake of being the playful grasshopper and not getting any work done over the summer and winter came I didn't have anything to sell and thus hardly made any money.

This is definitely not how I'm going to reach my ultimate goal of quitting my day job and sewing full-time I have got to buckle down and get the work done

Early in the spring I read the book Quitter by Jon Acuff. Being very inspired by this book I downloaded the next book and also started following him on social media. This summer Jon started a promotion to go along with his latest book that involves taking 25 hours of work time and breaking it down to 15 minute time blocks. This summer challenge led me to the 30 days of hustle group, it's only been two days and already I am eager to get my hustle on. 

As requested by the group I would like to share my hustle book:

I found small binders at Staples along with the graph paper, bookmark dividers and page protector accessories, because lets face it, a girl needs her accessories!
Because I'm a neurotic tracker not only do I have my 15 minute time blocks clipped to on the front, I have the 30 day calendar on the inside cover to watch my entire month of progress 

The very first page reminds me of my goals both immediate and ultimate. I love sticky notes and always have them ready at hand. I'm that person who has my goals and mantra's written and notes stuck on the inside of the medicine cabinet, so I read them every morning and every night.  The more I believe my goal to be fact, the more likely its going to happen!

My ultimate goal would to be to have 10 of each animal I offer available at the beginning of the craft show season. This is a big goal but I like to see my overall intent. Even if I only get halfway there, being a checklist junkie I clear the list at the end of each year and start with a blank slate. As you can see.... my hustle has been lacking so far this year, I've got to get on it!

Other Notes to keep with me like my current orders and their statuses (being an accounting major, I love graph paper, to me it is essential to an organized checklist)

My shopping lists

And of course all of my extra sheets of the do summer challenge because I want to complete at least four by the end of the summer. That is 100 hours dedicated to my craft. 100 hours of work done long before the holiday season sneaks up on me.

So there it is fellow hustlers, my super simple (but adorably organized) kick in the rear to get it into gear.

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