Wednesday, June 3, 2015

100 Days

Every day for the last 100 days I have written a letter to God. I started this project 100 days ago, because one morning I woke up and God told me to buy a journal and talk to Him. So on my lunch hour that day I bought a journal and sat in the parking lot and started writing. 

In the last 100 days I have learned that I've gained a great amount of peace from taking a bit of time each day alone with no tv or music or kids to just spend talking to my God. In those quiet times I learned that even on my worst days of have something to be thankful for and on my best days I have someone else to pray for. 

I am proud of myself for finishing the 100 days without missing one. I've taken it on a road trip to Seattle and even a week long business trip to San Francisco. I've written when I first wake up in the morning, mid way through the day, in bed before I go to sleep, whenever I feel like I need a minute to talk to my God I do.

I tend to get myself into the habit of saving up my prayers for the before bedtime routine; getting into the habit of writing at different times of the day has also put me in the habit of talking top God whenever I feel like I need to. 

In my writing I've asked for guidance, I've asked for patience, I've asked for clear signs. I have prayed for help with car trouble, a friend's health, my son's strength. I have praised my gifts, my family, my love. There is just something about putting pen to paper and writing about these things that make them all so real. Being the tangible person I am, that journal makes my relationship with my Lord a physical, breathing, love.

My troubles are real, and I have Jesus to help me with them. I don't have to be afraid, or ashamed to ask for help. My fears are not insignificant, but they are nothing that my God cannot handle.  The love for my friends runs with real passion, and when I pray for her, I know she can feel Gods love. It's all real, and it lives on my nightstand, and in my purse, and it travels with me wherever I go. 

It didn't take 100 days for me to realize my relationship with Jesus is real, but in 100 days I learned how to make that relationship truly speak to me. 100 days down, the rest of them to go.

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