Sunday, January 19, 2014

DIY Mini Movie Marquee Letters

I made these fun letters for the upcoming Movie Party. I started by searching around good old Pinterest to find some examples of what I wanted to make. I found a blog with a tutorial for some large letters, that seemed to be a fool-proof formula for marquee letters.

The tutorial provides a printable template for the letters, but I chose to use a carnival type font instead. I made my letters 5 inches tall so that they fit right into my entertainment center
After I cut out the template, I traced them onto foam board, and then carefully cut them out of the foam board with an exacto knife. When you are cutting the foam board, make sure that you make the cuts straight through the foam, not at an angle, or else the sides will not fit well.

I used a screwdriver to punch holes through the letters. Approx 1" appart
cut 1" wide strips out of poster paper. take your time and glue the strips around each letter, fold the paper to go around each corner.  I used Aleene's Craft Glue, nothing fancy.

Spray paint it all red

be patient and wait until they are totally dry (I'm not patient, this was hard for me)
 while the letters are drying dig up some Christmas lights. I found that I had these, they are flat on the top...perfect

start adding the christmas lights. I glued the lights into their individual spot, using the craft glue again.

 When the glue is all dry, it's time for the grand reveal
drum roll please

The movie party is just 2 weeks away. Still have a few more project to finish up, stick around to see more!

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