Friday, December 27, 2013

Planning a Movie Party

I am known to throw huge birthday parties for my kids, and my son loves it. He wants to start planning his party the day after his last one. He is no stranger to pinterest, in fact, he searches and pins on my kindle almost every night .

This February, for his 7th birthday he wants to host a movie party!  We usually utilize the amazing fellowship center of our church for parties, but this year we have decided to keep it home, but that means that the family party and friends party will need to be separated due to the small size of my home.

Now that we made it past Christmas, the official planning begins!
We've been keeping ideas on our MOVIE PARTY PINTEREST BOARD all year. 

The main ideas Ayden is interested in is a ticket booth on the front porch:
a red curtain around the TV like a movie theater:
and ticket like invitations:
stay tuned to watch as we transform our living room into a movie theater to celebrate a 7th birthday party!

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