Thursday, April 4, 2013

Creating Candy Land :: Giant Gummy Bears

I wanted to find a wow-worthy decoration piece for Candyland, so I searched and searched and found a blog post with a recipe for giant gummy bears using a 5" teddy bear mold from Wilton (meant for cake).  I happen to have this guy in my cake pan collection!

First get your kitchen ready :
clean the mold - do not grease it
Put it together in a short plastic container (to catch the bit that leaks out)
clear a spot in the freezer

Gather your ingredients:
1 box of Jello
2 boxes of Gelatin (8 tablespoons or 8 packets)
1 1/2 cups water

In a small saucepan mix the ingredients together and heat over low/medium heat. Whisk until smooth DO NOT BOIL Just when it looks like it is going to start to bubble take it off the heat

Let it rest for a minute or two then pour the mixture into the mold

Quickly move it into the freeze

The original blog said to leave it for 5 minutes and check it every minute until it is ready...I found that it took a good 35 minutes.  But you don't want to leave it in the freeze for too long

Some will leak out the bottom, but it's okay

Pop it out of the mold and voila! You have a cute little 5 inch gummy bear!


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