Friday, March 15, 2013

Creating Candyland : The invitations

For Angel's 9th birthday. I decided to create candyland! I've been really excited about this party for a long time!  I have shopped around on Etsy for the last week, looking for the perfect invitation, but I wanted to do so many more coordinating printables and just couldn't find a package that had the design I wanted, in all of the elements I wanted. I bought some digital pieces and made my own!

I sure do wish that I had a cool program for this kind of stuff, but all I have is Microsoft Publisher. I've used it enough that I can get the job done quickly, but I wish I had more options. Anyway, I picked up a very colorful digital paper pack because I was in the love with the rainbow chevron, but will use the other patterns for mix and matching the other printable elements. This is from Etsy seller LillyBimble

Then I got some frames from Etsy shop aestheticaddition

Then I went to one of my favorite clip art creators on Etsy. She designed my avatar girl that I use for my profiles.  She has two different adorable candy packs, and I got them both!
Her Etsy shop is called JWIllustrations. I am excited to use the different elements in these packs for all the different printables I am going to make!

Then I found this amazing site called Font Space where very talented people share their own creations of typography. I saved a couple and used one of them on the invites.  I opened up my trusty Publisher and made up this invitation! It will print two to a page, I will print them on a heavy cardstock and pop them in the mail as postcards!

Not to the par of most of the invites I loved on Etsy, because I am not a graphic designer by any means, but it will get the job done! 

I will keep posting as I make new stuff. You can follow my pinterest board for this party too!

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