Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Angry Birds Felt Mask how to

Angry Birds Felt Mask

my son is going to have an Angry Birds birthday party here in just a few weeks.  I always make some kind of dress up hat, mask, costume piece for the take home favor. I had an idea to make masks like a couple of different birds. Ayden of course wants to be the only red bird.... this is how I designed and made this cute mask!

I already make masks for my shop for the halloween season.

So I started with the basic pattern that I use for these masks

Traced it onto paper

Rounded the top to the shape of the bird I was making

Added the feathers to the top

Sketched the eye brows and make a pattern piece for them, I did the same thing for the beak piece

Cut them all out

Then cut the pieces out of felt in the corresponding colors

With yellow thread I sewed around the beak edge (not the edge that will attach to the mask)
with black thread I sewed the eyebrows into place on only one layer of red felt

Sew the two red layers together with red thread. Sew the elastic between the layers of felt at each edge by the eye. I used a piece that was 13.5".  My traditional masks that are in my shop are two pieces of ribbon for the ties, but since this is for a birthday party I decided to use elastic
I also sewed around each eye at this step, and clip the eye holes to be a little bit larger/rounder

Pin the beak around the edge of the nose. this can be tricky, use as many pins as you need to to keep it in place. pin the center first then work down each side until it is all pinned

Sew carefully

You can use this photo to create your own pattern. You  may have to play with the size

And there you have it!  It was quick and to make 20 more!

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