Sunday, January 27, 2013

Angry Birds Birthday

Like most 5 year olds, my son is obsessed with Angry Birds. So of course he had to have an Angry Birds birthday party this year.

This was a fairly easy party to execute, much easier than his Super Mario party last year. We started off with his collection of Angry Birds plush birds and pigs

 I purchased the 40 piece Melissa & Doug cardboard block set

The kids split into two teams, one team would build the structure while the other team threw the birds to knock it down
Last week I made the Angry Birds masks out of felt, Ayden was the only red bird, but the kids could choose from the Egg Bird, Yellow Bird, Blue Bird or Piggy

This was an easy party because I didn't have to do much directing, I just let the kids play with the blocks and birds, while I was able to visit with the adults (for once). I didn't leave the adults out of the fun tho. Ayden has several sets of the "at-home" game that we set up on the tables, I think Grandma and Grandpa had just as much fun playing !

My good friend Emily from {Every Second Counts Cakes} made the chocolate cupcakes!



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