Sunday, December 30, 2012

If you don't like where you are......move

This is my motto for the new year.  I failed miserably at posting in 2012, but I had a series of life changes that made me take a step back and take a look at my life.  The summary of the year is this
I am now a single mom,  going through a divorce that is very different from the average divorce story. I have a new full time- year round job as the financial coordinator at an orthodontic office. (and I got braces!) I opened a second etsy shop called Merle Crazy with big plans to make lots of doggie products, but have not been able to yet because of the full time job. 

I have found myself in a rut, mentally, physically and spiritually, and i don't like where my life is right now. but I am not a tree. I have the choice to make changes in my life. So I am. and part of that is my goal to blog more.

Back when I was blogging more often I found that my mind was more focused on activities for both myself and my kids. planning, doing and blogging about these projects kept my mind busy and always looking for new things to do.
I am setting my goal to blog something everyday. So get ready readers, this might get crazy!


  1. !Rock out cuz! What a fantastic way to start the new year!!!!! Stay true and write hard. You are awesomely creative, and you have the family foundation to stand tall and waiver slightly in the winds of adversity!!! "Buy the ticket take the ride!"-HST

    1. I love that I have such an amazing family that is always there to back me up. Even though we are all scattered across the country (and the world!) that we have such an awesome family.

      Thanks T!



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