Monday, December 31, 2012

Orthodontic Crocodile

This year I took a job in an orthodontic office. When I saw this pattern I knew I just had to make it ..... with braces!  I got this pattern from an australian artist Pauline. She is the owner of Funky Friends Factory and makes her living designing patterns for do it yourselfers like me. I LOVE all of her patterns and own most of them. This is the first time I made the crocodile, and I really enjoyed it. But, I add my own Sew Cute style!

First thing I do is print the pattern. She has them set up so that they fit onto regular printing paper, very easy to work with. 

 Her directions say to trace the pattern onto cardboard to have a good permanent pattern to use time after time. I personally prefer to use a product called EasyPattern. I LOVE THIS STUFF! It changed my life the day I learned about it. It is basically a very lightweight interfacing that is durable to use over and over again. You can find it at your fabric store in the same section as the interfacing.
 The reason is changed my life don't have to pin it to fleece or flannel!!!!!!! NO PINNING!
And being a stuffed animal maker, using fleece for all of my animals, I have saved loads of time not pinning. I can lay out the whole pattern and make it fit onto my fabric piece without having to repin over and over.
 Okay, all pieces are cut out and ready to assemble
 Before I start sewing I prepare my eyes. This pattern calls for hand-sewn eyes out of felt pieces. I never do hand sewn or embroidered eyes. I always use 10.5mm safety eyes. I get them from an Etsy shop called 6060.  Clara is amazing to work with. I order a bulk order of clear eyes every couple of months. I order clear so that I can make them any color I need, so I never run out of certain eye colors
 Just color with nail polish!
 Another reason why I love funky friends so much is the easy directions. With the pattern comes a beautiful step by step checklist to make the stuffed animal.
 The pattern says to hand sew the teeth with embroidery thread after the animal is assembled
I hate hand sewing
so I run it through my machine with black thread before putting the animal together.
 This is also when I add the braces. they are felt squares sewn onto each of the upper teeth
 Because Pauline hand sews her eyes on at the end, and I use safety eyes, this is when I put them in. Now that the head is complete, I set it aside and keep following the checklist to make the body

 Okay, he is all sewn and time to stuff!
 Stuff and sew.....yes hand sew. If I could do this on the machine I would, trust me.
And there he is!  This guy is going to live in the exam room at our office!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

If you don't like where you are......move

This is my motto for the new year.  I failed miserably at posting in 2012, but I had a series of life changes that made me take a step back and take a look at my life.  The summary of the year is this
I am now a single mom,  going through a divorce that is very different from the average divorce story. I have a new full time- year round job as the financial coordinator at an orthodontic office. (and I got braces!) I opened a second etsy shop called Merle Crazy with big plans to make lots of doggie products, but have not been able to yet because of the full time job. 

I have found myself in a rut, mentally, physically and spiritually, and i don't like where my life is right now. but I am not a tree. I have the choice to make changes in my life. So I am. and part of that is my goal to blog more.

Back when I was blogging more often I found that my mind was more focused on activities for both myself and my kids. planning, doing and blogging about these projects kept my mind busy and always looking for new things to do.
I am setting my goal to blog something everyday. So get ready readers, this might get crazy!


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