Monday, January 23, 2012

Super Mario Party Game: Goomba Knock Out

I have been planning my sons party for nearly a year, when he decided that he wanted to have a Super Mario Bros birthday bash, I imagined an amazing obstacle course with mario themed games.

I found some awesome flame cotton at Joanns and instantly thought of "fire power" and knocking out the bad guys!  So .....

I created this guy!  Since Mario is getting more and more popular, but the party packs are really available (at a fair price anyway). I thought I would share with you how I made this guy, so you could make one for your party too!

First I printed out a goomba, I printed two so I cut one of them into the individual pieces

then I cut out the pieces in felt

and the main body as well as stand, out of a cereal box

cut the cardboard down a little so it fits nicely inside of the goomba shape

Lay out the face pieces and draw his mouth with a marker

set your sewing machine to do a zig zag stitch on a button hole zig size is set to 3 here...follow your marker line to create the mouth

for the construction of the entire face, you are only sewing on one piece of the main body shape, not the back side or the cardboard yet

Pin the eyes and the teeth in place, use the same technique to applique them.

Pin the eye centers on and applique

cut out 2 sets of the eyebrows. since they go out past the edge of the body shape, I wanted to make sure that there was enough to sew on without stretching the felt.

pin them in place on the front side

line up the edges and pin

the eyebrows on the "back" will be inside of the goomba, so they are only on the back of the front piece

the face is finished!

now for the back and support.

I found that the printed side of the box was slippery on the felt, so I used just a spritz of my spray adhesive to keep it in place. Make sure you don't use any glue or adhesive in an area where you sewing machine needle will be....that is a recipe for disaster

Line up the white pieces front and back. you want them to be lined up as close as possible because you will be sewing it all together at the same time

applique around the entire goomba with the tan thread, attach the white piece as one continuous stitch

add the feet, front and back just like you lined up the white piece. Then clean up the edges of the white

While I was creating the stand, I decided that I didn't like my original plan, so I cut it in half and will be using only one piece

I appliqued around the whole stand piece and then hot glued it to the back side of my goomba

If I were to do it again, I would make the bas look more uniform with the feet by using white in the same shapes as the main piece...maybe next time

And there you have it! Now I am off to whip out some more fire-power balls!

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