Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tutorial: Paper Chandelier

I created this project while I was designing a bridal shower. We used 5 pop-up tents for shade in the garden party and I wanted the tents to have a little more purpose. So I made these hanging chandeliers from paper.

What you will need:
Embroidery Hoops - Large and Small sizes
Scrapbooking Card Stock Paper, any colors you would like
Round Hole Punch
Hot Glue Gun
Sewing Machine

Expect about an 45 minutes to an hour to punch out the circles and another 45 minutes to an hour to sew and assemble the chandeliers.

I started by painting all of my hoops, because this was for a bridal shower I wanted them to be white

While the hoops were drying, I started punching the paper

 I sewed through the center of each circle, butting them right up next to eachother

To create the angled effect, sew the first line with 25 dots, the second line with 24 dots, the third with 23..etc. Until you have enough rows sewn to glue around the entire hoop. I found it easier to sew a line and glue it right then.

Try to keep the thread right in the center of each circle

with the ribbon and hot clue, make the chandelier skeleton, as well has four pieces connecting at the top to hang it from

Start glueing the rows. I made a pattern with row - single - row - single-etc to space them out.

The top circle is finished

Repeat the same thing with the center hoop

I used a zip tie and an S-Hook to hang the hoops from the top of the tents.

I did 2 with blue centers and 2 with orange centers to coordinate with the wedding colors

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