Friday, August 19, 2011

Lunch Bags!

On Wednesday my son will be starting his first day of pre-school. It's a full day program. Then one week later Angel will be starting her first day of 1st Grade...also full day!  I see lots of sewing time in my future!

Since both of the kids will be eating lunch at school, I wanted to make them some lunch bags!

I picked up the easy to follow pattern at Etsy in this shop.

I had picked up some dinosaur fabric for Ay's bag, but he wanted to use the pirate fabric that was left over from his birthday

I did his first, so when I did hers I decided that the pockets would be more useful on the inside of the pack, so I can stick a spoon or extra straw in there and it will stay clean until lunch time

The second time around I also added an extra large pocket on the back. Angel will be working on using her silverware correctly, so she will have lots of apple sauce and puddings in her lunch. I am going to put a slim package of wet wipes so her aides can get her cleaned up quickly.

I have plans to make some more bags in holiday prints so they can change it up a bit throughout the year.
But for their first days, they are both set and ready for lunch time at school!

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