Friday, August 12, 2011

A Crafty Brainstorm

So now that the wedding is over, I can start to concentrate on upcoming shop products.  Halloween is of course the number one priority on my list. I need to finish the new costume line so I can set up a photo shoot and get them listed.

But the other thing on my mind are the craft shows I have coming up this fall. I need to have some new small products to have at my craft booths:  brain storm time!

felt masks - simple felt masks on ribbon to tie on.
felt crowns - i have had these in the past, they sold okay
photobooth props - mustache and smiles on sticks
plush black cats (for halloween)
felt food play sets

the rest of my to do list:
make all that flannel stacked up into bathrobes
finish the wings I have cut out
tie more tutus
make more brown and gold dogs
get buttons to finish the new coffee cozies

plus I want to launch my new dog accessory shop in January...which includes
show sheets
dog beds
small dog clothes

I just need to mulitply myself by 100 to finish all these things!

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