Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 27th & 28th

I didn't post yesterday because I was celebrating my birthday! And lucky me I get to keep celebrating this evening with my family!  But enough of me...lets get to the holidays!

Yesterday the 27th was Just Because Day. I hope you did something  nice "just because" yesterday :)

card from Etsy seller TheWallaroo

Today, the 28th , is Race Your Mouse Day. my first thought was the poor mouse I found in the mouse trap this morning...

print form etsy seller StudioRayyan

But that's not what this holiday is about. The people at created this holiday. When you are waiting for a program to load on your computer, you can race your mouse around the icons on your desktop. You know that thing we all do, the impatient circles we make with the mouse ...that. Do it today.

mouse pad from Etsy seller GilmoreCreations

Well folks, that's it for the weekend!  I need to get my bum into my studio and fill these orders! 

Have a crafty day!

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