Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22nd

Good Monday Morning!  For some reason I woke up early today and have enjoyed the quiet house before anyone else got up....that didn't last long! Now that breakfast is on the table and the kids are watching Phineas and Ferb (I love that show) it's time to share with you todays holidays.

First is Be an Angel Day This day was created by Jayne Howard Feldman. She was inspired by actual angels' work in her life and wanted to encourage the world to be servants of God and be an angel to someone today. 

helping hands print from Etsy seller ShayneArt

The second holiday for August 22nd, is Tooth Fairy Day! 

tooth fairy pillows from Etsy seller CalcoCreations

Angelinna doesn't like us to poke around in her mouth, even brushing her teeth is a process of singing songs and tricking her mouth to open when her front teeth were loose two years ago,  she would not let me wiggle them. I would try to give them a little extra push when I was brushing them, but she wouldn't have it.  Finally they were both so loose that they were crooked, barely hanging in there!  So I gave her and apple, but she wouldn't take a bite.  I let her be and about 10 minutes later, I found a tooth in the middle of the living room floor!  I looked in her mouth, and sure enough one was out and the other was just hanging there...a couple minutes later I had a toothless grin looking at me. I loved it!  I can't wait until Ay loses his front teeth!

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