Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 13th and 14th

Well, I missed yesterday but it was a good one so I want to make up for it by posting a weekend post.

The 13th was Left Hander's Day!  I wanted to make sure this got on there because my father in law is left handed and he is sure proud of it!

sign from Etsy seller trimblecrafts

Yesterday was also my husband's grandmother's birthday. Mary Jo is the rock of the family. She keeps it all together for the family that lives hear, lives near, and lives far away.

Happy Birthday to Mary Jo, we all love you so much!

card from Etsy seller Sophienme

Now for today, the 14th. Doday is National Creamsicle Day!  I have always enjoyed that lightly orange flavored ice cream treat, or also in the little individual cups. Infact, I have the small cups in my freeer right now for my children to enjoy!

This hot weather just calls for it! 

jelly bean pushpop by Etsy seller Ohgoodiedesigns


  1. Thank you so much for including my floral print Happy Birthday card in your blog post! A BIG happy birthday to your DH grandma.

  2. aww! thanks for sharing! and guess what! im left handed too!! joanne at oh goodie designs



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