Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Simplicity of a Summer Day

This is exactly why I like to keep my camera in my pocket all day long.  It's always when I am doing the most mundane things that my kids bring a little excitement into my day. We didn't plan time to run in the sprinkler, but the second they heard the water turn on they came barrelling out the door and right into that water. 

I had my camera right there by the door and got some of my best shots so far this summer. Angel is a hard one to capture perfect moments of. If she notices the camera she might start posing or hiding. So the days I get these natural shots....I just cherish

I love watching them run through the sprinkler. The squeaks and screams of excitement are the most precious sounds in the world. The smiles and their faces and "mom watch this" are the things childhood is made of.  Years down the road, I will miss these summer days.

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