Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Haircut!

For most all of my childhood through high school and even college I had short hair.


When I met my husband he asked me to grow it long (like most men, he likes long hair) so I let it grow for 6 months and got attached to the long hair..then after a while I just didn't have a style anymore. For the last 4 years, my hair style has been "long"  I wore it in a pony tail, bun or a braid most days because there was just so much to deal with.

With the wedding coming up I really wanted to have an actual style and do something with my hair, instead of just "long" So today I got a haircut. And I think I am still in shock. I didn't cut it "short" but it is defantely shorter.

Here is how long it was this morning:

And now:

I really like do like it, but it is going to take a while to get used to!

For you local gals, I got it done at Echo's in the Orchards. The gal that did it was awesome and I will be going back to her. Her name is Calen Long. 

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