Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 3d

Hello!  Welcome to July 3rd!  We have four things to celebrate today. as if getting ready for tomorrows celebration isn't enough!

First we have Build A Scarecrow Day. Right about now the gardens are blooming and producing the spring crop. So you need to put a scarecrow out there so the birds and small animals leave your veggies for you!
I even found the pattern you can use!

pattern from Etsy seller Crazyforelves

Next is Compliment Your Mirror Day. Well, not the actual mirror, but the reflection in it! Look in the mirror and tell the beautiful face how awesome it is!

print from Etsy seller ColorfulPixelsByLife

Today is also Disobedience Day......uh, don't tell me kids about this holiday!!!!

magnet from Etsy seller AngelicAspirations

And finally, a hard, but health awareness holiday: Stay Out Of The Sun Day.  And if you just can't do least use sunscreen!

sunscreen from Etsy seller rainwaterbotanicals

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