Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 31st

Welcome to the last day of July, which is also Mutt's Day.

A mutt is a dog who is  a mixture of breeds. Some of the best dogs in the world are mutts. When I was growing up my parents took in so many animals that needed some TLC. we would get them fixed up and healthy and then find them a new loving home.

The first dog that was all mine was Dexter. He was a mutt. The family had a golden retriever named Abby. Abby had a boyfriend across the field...Rocky.  Well Rocky was a black mutt with tan face markings and feet. When Abby had her litter she had 9 little puppies, all golden and beautiful and one completely black. He was solid black with brown eyes and I loved him . I named him Dexter.  At 8 weeks mom sent the puppies to the pet shop and a week later she stopped in to check on them. The only one left was Dexter. All alone. She brought him home. And from that day on he was my dog. When I went to college and had a place of my own, Dexter came with me. He was the best dog, and I do miss him. 

So if you own a Mutt. Give him some extra treats and play time today, it is his day!

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