Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 2nd

It's another beautiful day for the 4th of July weekend! And a very special day for me!  Happy Anniversary to my husband and me!

We have been married for 6 years now.  Still don't know what we are planning to do tonight, but we will figure out something special! 6 years is sugar, iron or wood.

sign from Etsy seller FunkiFolkart

Did you also know, that July 2nd is exactly half way through the year?  We are half way finished with 2011!

Okay, on to the holidays. First up we have I Forgot Day.  hm, maybe that is why my husband wanted July 2nd for the wedding day so he had an excuse to forget our No, really, today is I forgot day...but I forgot why.

card from Etsy seller AnyOccassionCards

Second, today is World UFO Day.  Today in 1947 Mac Brazel, a rancher in northwest of Roswell, New Mexico discovered wreckage of a metallic object on his ranch. The wreckage and the metal it was made of was strange. He contacted military authorities who investigated the site, and removed the wreckage. The first military reports referenced a mysterious, Unidentified Flying Object. These reports were later rescinded, leading to wide speculation and claims of a massive government cover-up of  the discovery of UFOs from outer space.

ring from Etsy seller LuluLyna

Whether you are a believer or not, it can be a fun day to recognize!

Have a fantastic Saturday afternoon everyone!!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my "I Forgot" card! I'm a new fan! :) -Shirley



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