Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22nd

Today has 2 special holidays to celebrate!  Yea for 2 holiday days!

the first is Hammock Day. I don't own a hammock and I've only been in one twice ever..they sure are comfortable and relaxing but is getting in and out of those things worth it?!?!  Maybe I just need more practice...

baby hammock from Etsy seller BeautifulPhotoProps

the second holiday today is Rat Catchers Day. Well that doesn't sound very appealing, but it is actually a holiday for the Pied Piper. You remember the story right?  Well in June of 1284 the Pied Piper rid the town of Hamelin, Germany of rats. When the mayor refused to pay him the Pied Piper returned several weeks later (July 22nd) and lured the towns children away to a cave. Some stories say that he kept the children until he was paid, other versions say the children where never seen again!  That is a little more Grimm than the stories we know right! 

street artist print from Etsy seller MagicalMirror

All in all, take a nap in your hammock and let the ratcatcher catch the rats!

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  1. I always wanted a hammock but realized it might mean more lazy times for my hubby and he needs a little extra motivation on the weekends!



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