Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11th

It is a beautiful summer morning...even though I can't stop sneezing!   Something is in bloom and it is making eveyone in this house sneeze like crazy!  But allergies or no allergies, today is two holidays and we must celebrate!

First we have Cheer Up the Lonely Day. Call up a friend or visit a family member. Whatever you need to do, set aside a little time today to cheer someone up.

card from Etsy shop AnnetteGreen

Also, today is World Population Day.
"World Population Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate the successes that have been achieved in global health – around the world people are living longer, healthier, more productive lives. However, it is also imperative to reflect on the challenges that face governments, communities, and families to ensure that all people everywhere are able to lead dignified, healthy lives" - USAID Health.

The site also talks about healthy family planning and awerness.
so celebrate the world population estimated to be 7 billion!

world map from etsy seller ModernCanvas

have a great (not so sneezy) day!

handkerchief from Etsy seller LAMdesigns

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