Monday, July 4, 2011

Formal Dress Project Part III - The Skirt

I just finished up the skirt and attached it to the bodice. I only ran into one problem.
I did not realize that I had made the wrapped bodice gather to right hip while the pattern is on the left. So when I put the skirt together, following the pattern directions....I made the wrap on the wrong side and had to take it apart and do it over.  But I got it done and I think it is looking pretty good!

The only part of the pattern directions that i did not follow was hemming.  Most all dress patterns save the hem of the skirt for the end. I personally, always hem the skirt when it is one straight piece before I attach it to the bodice. I just find it much easier to deal with the skirt only when pressing and sewing the hem. Especially with this dress, I hemmed each the lining layer and the over layer before putting them I didn't have to deal with so much extra fabric.


the zipper.....dah dah daaaaaahhhh.

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