Sunday, July 3, 2011

Formal Dress Project Part II - The Bodice

I just finished up the bodice for the dress. It took me a little longer than I had expected, due to the fact that every single little piece of the bodice is gathered. which means that a good part of it is done by hand, and it took me a while to do.  But I finally got it together!

My dress dummy is a little bit deceiving  because even when I adjust the measurements on the bust, the dummies cup size is an A, and that can't be adjusted. So the chest looks a little bit larger than it actually fits.

I am a little worried about the sleeves. They are constructed in a way that does not allow for easy altering, without taking the while thing apart..which isn't going to happen. So if they are too big, I will have to hand tack them in the back.

The zipper isn't in yet.

 That goes in last, and is the most nerve wracking part for me....I am not really looking forward to putting a zipper in chiffon and satin...but it must be done.....tomorrow.

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