Saturday, July 2, 2011

Formal Dress Project Part I

With my brother getting married next month, we have had a lot of planning to do over the last year. My mother has been struggling with finding the perfect dress to wear. We had a lot of key points to keep in mind while compiling the list for the perfect dress.

First of all the wedding is at 630 pm , in August, outside. So we are expecting heat. Even tho the ceremony will be short, we still don't want to sweat off makeup and hair style! So it has to be something breathable. Second, she wants it to be knee length, no higher, no lower. The back and shoulder needed modest covering without being too hot. And it had to have an interesting neckline, with a little opportunity for some bling.  We spend hours in dressing rooms, looking for the dress that had all of these requirements, with no luck. Then I found this:

It has all of her requirements! Here's the catch. I have never worked with satin on a large scale (only for my daughters church dresses) and I have never used chiffon for any project.  This is going to be an experience for sure.

So begins my first ever, adult formal dress project:

Step one was getting my mom's measurements (I promised I wouldn't share them) but she was in between sizes, so I copied the pattern at the large size, and I will take it in at the first fitting. I learned a long time ago, that it is always better to make it large to start and take it in to fit, because once the fabric is is cut.

Then I traced the pattern onto tissue paper

 I never cut my patterns that have multiple sizes. For two reasons.

1. I pay good money for a pattern, and when you cut it to one size, you lost the opportunity to make that pattern in any other size.

2. When you trace the pattern, you only trace the markers and directions for that particular size, so it is less confusing when you are constructing the garment.

So now that my pattern is cut out, I am ready to cut the fabric. . . . . I am nervous to cut this chiffon! I will let you know how it goes!

Wish me Luck!!

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