Saturday, June 11, 2011

Outdoor Therapy

I always feel so good when we get home from a day at the park. And right now, as I go through and crop the 183 pictures I took while at the park, I am feeling fantastic.

As you have noticed my complaining for the last couple weeks, we haven't had very summer weather here in the North West. So when we came out of church this morning, it was a beautiful 71 degrees, and nice sunshine we decided to have a picnic lunch in one the several great parks in our area.

So we went home and made some PB&J sandwiches, packed some chips and juice and headed to the park.

After eating, we played at the playground until our friend Stacee and her daughter Elizabeth came and joined us.

Then we followed the walk path to the fish and duck ponds. The kids just love feeding the ducks!

Then back to the playground for a little bit more fun before we came home.

The perfect Saturday, we had a lot of fun!!

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