Friday, June 3, 2011


*big sigh* Angelinna has just one week left of Kindergarten. Next Thursday she will be out for the summer and an official 1st grader.

I am both excited that we have passed this milestone, scared that 1st grade is going to be a full day, with lots more therapy time (which she does not like very much) and sad that my baby girl is growing up.

But instead of freaking myself out with 1st grade (duh duh duuuuhh). I am thinking about different things we are going to do this summer to keep her up to par during the summer months. At school she gets speech, physical, occupational and developmental therapy, so for three months, it is up to our family to keep these therapies rolling.

She will still receive speech therapy through the hospital this summer, but its only 30 min a week. So we will continue with our normal every day practices to encourage speech.

Physical therapy. Since there is no dance classes or gymnastics classes during the summer time, we will have to make up for that by getting to the park as often as we can. Every bit that she climbs on the playground helps her little muscles grow.  Not that this little child needs any more muscles..she is so tone she could be a model!

Occupational and Developmental kind of go together since we don't have a motor room to use at home, we play with small fine motor toys.  Our church bag is mostly fine motor activities because they are quiet and portable, perfect to keep my kids busy during service. Our bag has things like lacing cards, pony beads and string, finger puppets (i made from this awesome Etsy seller), coloring pages and picture books.  So even tho that bag is specifically for church time, we still have other similar activities to play with at home, like play dough, flash cards, matching games, puzzles, etc.

One thing I love about summer, is that we get to play with the rice box!  Last summer I shared a post about our rice box, I find it therapeutic myself, I like to sit in the grass and play with the rice and scoops and cups, and find the little plastic fish and lizards that we bury and dig up. I need to add a few bags of rice (a lot of it ends up in the grass) and a few more little plastic treasures.

We also have a sand/water table in the back yard. Last year we didn't add any sand because Angel had a fascination with eating it...yuck. So it was just a water table. We'll give the sand a small doses.

Its so hard to balance being a mother, a home business woman, and hold a part time job. I want to do all the summer activities that we can pack into a day!  but it has to come in doses, the kids have to have free play time, I have to let them rest!   But I want to go to the duck park, the fishing pond, ride bikes on the levy, go to the water park, go to the circus, go to the fair, play on every park playground in town!

So in the words of Phineas and Ferb.... "There's a 110 days in summer vacation and school comes along just to end it!  So the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it!"

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