Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6th

Ok, I know that June is National Candy Month, but does every other day really have to celebrate some?! I have 11 pounds to lose here holiday people...these holidays are not helping!!

And of course, today has to be one of my very favorite things in the whole world: chocolate ice cream day.  UGH!  I love chocolate and I love ice cream..what could be better.....chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup!!!

felt ice cream from my Etsy shop :)

But then, today is also National Gardening Exercise Day, and since I did not get my veggies planted in the garden this weekend, I guess I should do it today before those thunder storms roll I guess if I work out in the garden (weeding is hard work people) and go to Zumba tonight, I can celebrate chocolate ice cream...right?

print from Etsy seller AngiesIris

Today is also National Yo Yo Day, the yo yo is one toy I can not master. One or two times and I am winding the string again....oh well, I'll leave that one to the pros.

yo yo from Etsy seller elephanttales

Have a great day!!

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