Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 4th

Welcome to the weekend!  three holidays lined up for you today.

Let's start with yet another diet wrecking treat day: Applesauce Cake Day. I have never actually had applesauce cake...maybe I'll have to try a new recipe this weekend!

applesauce cake from Etsy seller SimplyDivineDesserts

Now, I am not really a huge cat person..I personally go for the dogs. But I did have a very special cat growing up, so here's to Muffin: Hug Your Cat Day

print from Etsy seller meanacupofhotchoc

And finally Old Maids Day.....I am going to stick to the safe side and not comment to much about Old Maids.... :)
vintage old maid card game from Etsy seller LemonTreeVintage

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