Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 19th

Happy Fathers Day!  Yes, today is Father's Day, and our morning started of with some giggles

As usual, Ayden is the first one in the house to wake up, he crawls in bed and tells me he is hungry. Just like every other morning.  Well last night, while I was tucking him into bed I told him to come in and tell daddy Happy Father's Day...but its a secret until morning. So this morning he comes in, and tells me he was some Lucky Charms.  I reminded him to tell daddy something, and he whispers to me "mom! its a secret!"

Angel woke up and we all snuggled in bed for a bit talking about what we should have for breakfast. Nathan said "Ayden, you should make me waffles for Fathers Day" Ayden sits there for a second, I could see the wheels turning in his head..then he responds with "I can't reach the toaster."

HA HA, hashbrowns it is!

Happy Fathers day to my dad Ron, my husband Nathan and my father in law Randy!

card from Etsy seller handmadebylulu

Along with fathers day, it is World Sauntering Day. WHAT? I know!  but I learned a little something about it: This day was created in the 1970's by W. T. Rabe at Mackinac Island, Michigan while he was the Public Relations Director for a hotel on the island. Rabe was well known for his publicity stunts.

So, I guess you should saunter here and there, what is sauntering? Well, Sauntering is a verb to describe a style of walking; it is not a sashay, prance, trot, or lollygag. Simply it is to walk slowly preferably with a joyful disposition
print form Etsy seller AliceWPhotography

So happy June 19th everyone!

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