Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14th

Today is Flag Day ! I like to think of it as a great way to kick off our preparations for the 4th of July!  So wave those flags and enjoy the freedom of summer!

coaster set from Etsy seller thebeadedpillow

Today is also my nieces birthday....Happy Birthday Tiffani!

card from Etsy seller yesteacher

Tiffani shares a birthday with Donald Trump (money, money, money...money) Maybe that means Tiff with catch the entrepreneurial spirit and make millions!

I personally am not a Trump fan, I have never watched his show, but when I found this finger puppet on Etsy, I had to share!!
finger puppet from Etsy seller mullihsmuse

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  1. What a sweet blog; I'm following it now. And thank you for promoting my coasters on Flag Day. ~~~~ Karen ~ The Beaded Pillow

    PS: You can find my blog at




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