Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13th

Happy Sewing Machine Day!

The day has finally come, I was so excited to see this holiday in June when I started this month.  I LOVE my sewing machine. I am so grateful to have a grandmother that is passionate about quilting and invested in my talent with my first TWO sewing machines! That's right, I said two.  The first one she bought me was a refurbished metal machine, it was a little tough to use, but it got the job done. Then about a year later she bought me a brand new Huskvarna Viking, Huskystar.

My old machine has been passed on to my cousins daughter who is starting to show interest in sewing. I hope she grabs the spirit and runs with it!

I also own an old machine that was left to me by my great grandmother. She sewed so many articles of clothing, Barbie clothes, blankets, and everything else on that machine. I is all folded up in its table, and I love it. It is a piece that I will cherish forever.

On Etsy, there is a huge number, and I mean huge number, of seamstresses that sew day and night to sell in the their shops. Myself included.  I found so many cool items when I searched "sewing machine" that I want to share more than one thing today!

print from Etsy seller anewhistory

toy sewing machine from Etsy seller WoodClinic

tags from Etsy seller JustScrapsNThings


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  1. Happy Sewing machine day! :)
    Thanks so much for including my handmade for you tags!



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