Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ice Cream Social Birthday Party

In April we celebrated Angelinna's 7th Birthday. Seven Years Old! I can't believe it!  I decided to have a fancy ice cream party!

I started with her outfit. I used this skirt pattern, with my own variation and also a pettikskirt underneath to make it fluff out nicely.

then I started thinking about toppings. Using my glass serving pieces, I created a turnable tower of treats for each table.

Then I made covers for the ice cream containers. We had classic chocolate, vanilla and stawberry.

I made a few finger foods

And other goodies

And of course a cake!

then we opened gifts and play "put the cherry on the ice cream"
I made it all out of felt, and put little velcro pieces on red puff balls. I made the blindfold out of felt also, on an elastic strap for easy sharing.

The party was an overall success! We had tons of fun and made lots of memories!

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