Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ice Cream Shop Outing

Last Tuesday we finally had a nice warm day, so we took a family outing to a place called Spot On Yogurt. Its a really neat frozen yogurt shop, where you make all the choices!  You serve it up yourself and choose from tons of different toppings, then you put your ice cream cup on the scale, and you pay 39 cents an ounce!  We had so much fun!

We started by choosing the ice cream...

Then we looked at all the yummy toppings and picked our favorites.

Ayden had chocolate yogurt with frosted animal cookies, fruit loops, and chocolate sauce

Angel had vanilla yogurt with gummy bears and mini m&m's.

Then we took it outside on the patio and enjoyed our custom desserts in the sunshine!

Angelinna used her spoon the whole time! Its on the therapy exercise list, so I think we will be making more trips to Spot On this summer to practice using her spoon!

Three cheers for Spot On Yogurt!  Thanks for a fun family day!

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