Thursday, June 9, 2011

A girly, but not girly, tasteful bachelorette party

I know you are are saying what??  I know exactly right! 
My brother is getting married in August...I am putting together the bachelorette party, with a few exceptions....
Usually a bachelorette party is a bunch of girls, bar hopping, drinking and being crazy while adorned with p*nis everything, raunchy gag gifts and a full night of inappropriateness.  Not the brides (or my) style. So I started shopping around for bachelorette party stuff, keeping it clean(er).  One more problem. This bride hates pink.  Although its the color of my personal choice, she is a non-pink girl. Also, she doesn't love animal what is everything I find for bachelorette parties?  Pink Zebra Stripe!   Is there no body that makes orange or blue bachelorette party stuff?  apparently not.

so now it is up to my craftiness to create my own not pink, not zebra, girly but not girly, tasteful bachelorette party!   I started off with making the invitations...with the help of my paint program I was able to create this graphic

Black pumps, with orange bottoms...perfect.
then I went onto a little costuming...I do not want to get a p*nis tacky, so I am creating my own fun headband/bird cage veil....I can't give too much away, because the bride might be reading.....but it's going to be awesome.

Then I thought about the rest of the bridesmaids, I want us to have some dress up fun I ordered some craft stuff. From Etsy of course!

First I got a custom order of orange and blue peacock feathers

then I got a custom order of handmade orange flowers from Turkey...imported, how cool is that??

I ordered some headbands from Etsy also...and when it all gets here I will put it all together for some fun bridal party headwear!

I need some cocktail rings...where else do I turn to but Etsy?? Just ordered these today:
these in orange
and the light blue cabochons

When my best friend got married a couple years ago, she had a "dare you " t shirt, where we all went to a bar and got other people to do the things on her shirt,  when they did it, they signed the shirt and then got some mardi gras beads, so I need to head down to that little shop downtown and pick up a shirt, and I already ordered the mardi gras beads
so that is as far as I've gotten so far...I need some more ideas!!!

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