Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bridesmaids Purse Set

My brothers wedding is coming up fast. 5 weeks away fast. And for the last month I have been working hard on a very special project.  I have only one sibling. John and I are 5 years apart, but we are close. His fiance, Rachele, has 6 siblings. All of which are in the bridal party!  So adding up all the guys, and all the girls there are 14 members of the bridal party. 14! 

When Rachele asked me to be her Matron of Honor, I was so excited, and I knew right away that I wanted to do something special.

I have a purse pattern that I have used a couple times for myself last summer, and decided that I wanted to use it to make a purse for each of the girls!  The Fat Quarters Bag by Melly and Me.

Including myself, that is 8 purses.  So I went to Joann's and picked out the fabrics. The bag has the opportunity for 3 different colors/patterns. The colors of the wedding are cornflower blue and tangerine orange. So I found some cute prints in those colors and a solid white.

The orange print was pretty spendy, and I knew I couldn't do all 8 bags with it, but I was in love with the color and the bold print, so I had to make it work. I decided to "color code" the bridesmaids.

First the bride herself and her two sisters. Sarah is her older sister, who I have met one time about two years ago during John and Rachele's college graduation at TVCC.  I am really excited to see her again in just a few weeks.  April is her younger sister, and will be a Jr. Bridesmaid.

The three of them have a white base with the blue and orange as details.

Next we have three of Rachele's friends from school. I have not met any of them, but look forward to seeing them.  Andrea, Kelsey and Emily.

The three of them have the blue base with white and orange details.

Finally, there is myself and Maura. We are grouped together as the sisters-in-law. Maura is married to Rachele's brother Devan.

We get the orange base (my fav) with white and blue details.

Oh but I'm not done yet...I filled the bags with all the goodies that they might need while in town for the wedding weekend.

Things included are:
Tissues - Sun Screen - Organic Bug Spray - Hair Spray - Mouthwash - Lotion- Hand Sanitizer - Nail File - Mini Lint Roller - Band aides - Chap Stick - Tylenol - Shout Wipes - Floss - Cough Drops- Bobby Pins - Safety Pins - Protein Bar - 5 Hour Energy

I tucked them into plastic pouches and put them in each bag. Now they are off to Rachele who will complete the weekends itinerary to include. As well as a list of each other's cell phone numbers.  Then as she picks up her friends and family at the airport, they will be welcomed with the bag!


  1. The bags are beautiful and I love the pattern that you combined. Great job!

  2. thanks! I am very happy with how they turned out as well1



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