Friday, June 10, 2011

Breaking Ground

So I finally got my bum outside and dug up the garden area.  Last year I was so busy sewing costumes in September and October, that I didn't get around to doing the final clean up, so I had a lot of dead zucchini, onion and sunflower crud to clean out of there...along with lots and lots of spiders....YUCK!

But after 2 hours of hard work digging out the grass that was taller than me, I got it all done. What a workout, logged that on my workout list!

Along with the non-existent final harvest last year, came lots and lots of onions!  I pulled out just a quarter of the onions that were taking over everything and hiding around in the long grass.  I scaled it back to its own row and told it to behave. 

Honestly, we don't even use the onions as much as we could. I just love the smell of them in the summer. My little garden is under the window in my work space and the onions grow right under that window. They are so sweet, and when the law guys come and catch some of the little ones with the weed whacker, my whole work space smells like sweet onions. LOVE IT!

So I got the poor little seedlings in the ground, they have been in their seedling pots for far too long, and were barely surviving. So they went in the ground and got a good watering.
Summer Squash
Spaghetti Squash
Egg Plant
Yellow Pepper
and Pumpkins!
(last year one my pumpkins grew up into one of my pots, that darn pumpkin killed the beans in that pot and then never even turned orange!! It just stayed this year they got a new home, away from everyone else and in a nice sunny spot.)

Now, off to the sewing machine!

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