Saturday, May 7, 2011

Setting Him Up For Success

Lately my 4-year old has been having a lot of problems with tantrums, over the littlest things, especially picking up his toys and eating.

I hate time-outs, grounding and taking things away. And so far, none of that has worked at all, only escalating the tantrums to full on screaming, kicking, throwing and yelling tantrums. I hate it. So he went to bed tonight at 8...kicking and screaming. And I hate that our nights end like that sometimes.

I definitely believe that positive reinforcement works much faster and healthier than negative reinforcement. I don't want my kids to do what is right based on fear of punishment if they don't. I would rather they do what is right because they see the good that comes from it.  And overall create a healthy, happy and loving environment.

I am not bribing my child, only showing him that hard work and persistence brings reward. So in the first month he will get a big reward every day. If it goes well, then there will be small rewards mixed in with big rewards, then weekly rewards, then eventually monthly rewards.

So here is the chart I just made for the first week.

Each day has 4 "chores" that he has to complete, at the end of each day is a picture of the reward.
The 4 chores are make his bed, pick up his toys, eat all his food, brush his teeth.
the rewards:
Sunday is ice cream (with sprinkles of course)
Monday is to play Mario Kart with mom and dad..his favorite game to play on the wii
Tuesday is to play his new game Tumblin' Monkeys...its actually a lot of fun!
Wednesday is to play Mario Party 8 , his other favorite game on the wii
Thursday is to play his Thomas Train board game
Friday is to go the "castle park" aka The Emrich playground at McGhee Elementary
Saturday is to go bowling. His favorite family activity!

I plan to do this for 4 weeks. Then change it up. But of course, we will have to see how the first week goes.
He will get to put a sticker on each chore after it is finished. And of course he has to finish all 4 chores to get the reward.

Well friends, wish me luck!

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