Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Project Positive Day 3

Hooray! We played Tumblin' Monkeys tonight before bed because Ayden finished all 4 chores!

He made his bed immediately after waking up this morning and woke me up by sweetly asking for a Toy Story sticker to put on his chart. He started the day very excited. He made sure to keep his room very clean all day, brushed his teeth three times today and ate each meal without complaint.

Part of the progress was due to the beautiful day we had. We spent a good amount of time outside playing in the rice box and soaking up the sunshine. He came with me to run some errands and we stopped for an impromptu trip to Petco and he helped Grace pick out some treats.

Then we took a trip to the park across from my Grandparents, so we stopped in to say hi. We stayed for dinner and more outside time in the yard with some ice cream treats. He couldn't wait to put the 'eat all your dinner' sticker on his chart when we got home, and set up Tumblin' Monkeys. We got in two games before it was time for bed.

The entire day was fun and full of sunshine. It definitely helped to keep our family positive today.

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