Monday, May 9, 2011

Project Positive Day 2

Once again, we were one sticker away from completing the chart for the reward, which was Mario Kart for an hour before bed.

This time it was finishing dinner.  Not eating has become a fairly new problem. I have always been fortunate to have children who ate well and not picky.  When I started working full time in January, meals times have not been as consistent, and often Nathan would feed the kids before I even got home after 6. 

Also, I am a strong believer in eating at the dinner table as family..since my sewing work space has taken over the dining room, we no longer have a dining room table to eat at every night.  the kids eat a small table and Nathan and I eat where ever we can find a seat.

I need to work on clearing out my workspace so that we can sit down at the table together. Its going to be a tough project, but I all last summer we sat at the table, and the kids ate all their dinner with no distractions.

Added to the list: reorganize my workspace to reclaim the dining table.

Well, Ayden just finished brushing his teeth and wants to put a sticker on the chart.
have a good night all! tomorrow is another positive day!

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