Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 7th

Today holds 3 holidays...

Yesterday was Space Day and today is Astronomy Day
I shared yesterday that I tracked a few constellations for a 6th grade science project, but I never saw this one :

art print by Etsy seller redbrickwall

Yesterday was National Tourist Day, well today is National Tourism Day, so I got to look at more fun travel items at Etsy, here is what I found:

A really cool old world map passport cover.

passport cover by sugarcanetrain808

Tomorrow is Mothers Day, but today is Birth Mothers Day . So I guess the whole weekend is Mothers Weekend!!!  I love it!
This is something I wouldn't mind getting for Mothers Day :)

necklace from Etsy seller InternationallyMe
There it is, a three-holiday-day.
Have a great one!!

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