Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6th

May 6th is the date of seven holidays.
Here we go!

First is Beverage Day
as the summer comes in I can't wait to make the kids lemonade! they love it when we have treats out on the deck on a warm summer evening.

photo from Etsy seller LifeGaveMeLemons

Next up, International Tuba Day
I visited and learned that today is the day that I should learn about the tuba, being a non-tuba player.  Perhaps there is a large tuba event somewhere that case, these would be perfect:
cufflinks from Etsy seller AustinCreations

This one has a close spot in my heart. I have 2 cousins that are in the military. They have both spent time in war zone in Iraq and Afghanistan. There were many times that we were not allowed to know where exactly they were and what danger they were in.  They both lost close friends during a very scary time.  As nerve-wracking as that was for me as a cousin, I can't imagine what it must have been like for their wives and children.

Today is Military Spouses Day and to all of your military spouses out there, my heart goes out to you.

Key Chain from Etsy seller mommy2knk

National Tourist Day
I have not had the opportunity to travel much. I haven't been very far out of the Northwest in all my life. I have been to Las Vegas when I was 13 and to LA after my wedding....and that is as far as I have gone.  Some day, I would love to travel around the country and even the world!

Road Map post card from Etsy seller

Another important day to celebrate, in fact this whole week as been dedicated to these professionals.
National Nurses Day

I have been fortunate enough to not be hospitalized for any reason beyond child birth. But during those two hospital stays, my nurses made all the difference. They are the unsung heroes for each patient both in the hospital and during regular check ups.

Necklace from Etsy seller spiffycool

This is probably my favorite of the day:
No Diet Day!

There are so many mouthwatering treats on Etsy, I had a hard time choosing one. I spent about 20 minutes looking at all the delicious pictures!
Sea Salt Carmallows by Etsy seller softlysweetly

And last but not least
Space Day!

In 6th grade, my class did a science unit on space. My project was to watch and document the movement of constellations for 2 months.  I remember having a lot of fun looking for the same constellation each night and finding that is had slightly moved over a little bit at a time.
Constellation greeting card from Etsy seller NaturesCubbyhole


  1. Great little posts Nichole. Very cute and so helpful to those you're linking to. Keep it up lady! Looking forward to see some of the other great days ahead.

  2. Wonderful post and great read as I enjoyed very much. My hat's off the the wives of those on the battlefront as they are keepers of the homefront! Have a wonderful weekend!!



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