Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31st

For every single day in the month of May I have shared the individual holidays!  And now we are on the last day of May.  Today has 3 holidays.

Lets get started with a tasty one, National Macaroon Day.  I have never actually had a macaroon. Macaroons are made from ground nuts and leavened egg whites. Coconut and potato starch is common in Macaroon recipes. Macaroons were believed to have been first made in an Italian monastery in 1792.  I thought about making some macaroons from this recipe, but decided I would just look at them on Etsy instead.

fresh macaroons from Etsy seller nicoleleechocolates

Next on the list is Save Your Hearing Day. With all the earbuds in peoples ears, this is one that I find important. I am constantly telling my husband "I can hear that over here" when he listens to his audiobooks on his iPod.  Whether he is just trying to drown out the sounds in the house, or he can't hear it...the guy is going to be deaf pretty soon! 
My kids have the kid tough MP3 players, and the volume only goes up to a certain level, to protect their ears, a feature that I appreciate as a parent.

felted ear specimen from Etsy seller yourorgangrinder

Finally, today is World No Tobacco Day. I love it!  Smoking is horrible, and chew is disgusting.  I hate it when smokers don't have any respect for the non-smoking people and children around them.  The last time we went to the circus the guy in front of us chain smoked through the whole thing...yuck.

If you have a tobacco issue, take a minute to think about how much healthier (and cheaper) your life would be without it.

no smoking sign from Etsy seller moderncanvas

Well that's it, I shared 76 different holidays in the month of May. Did you enjoy that? should I continue with June?

Thanks for reading!

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