Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 21st

Okay, so I didn't get the holidays up yesterday...but I had good reason!!!

My husband and in-laws took me to Spokane WA for a nice lunch, a little shopping and most importantly of all... to see WICKED THE MUSICAL!

It was incredible. I loved every single second of the entire show. I wish I could see it again, right now!  If you ever get the opportunity...don't pass it up. Wicked is an amazing book as well as an amazing musical!
Wicked pendant from Etsy seller kissmependant

I won't leave out yesterday's holidays ...

First was Armed Forces Day  I have mentioned in the previous posts that I have two cousins in the military, and my husband has a cousin who serves. Our families prayers are constantly with all those in uniform.

vintage military photo by Etsy seller missgaylee

Next we have National Memo Day. I am a post-it queen. Not only do I have them stuck all over my sewing desk, I have 3 computer post-its on my desktop right

magnetic post-it note holder by Etsy seller AprilsPaperShack

Last of all, yesterday was National Waiter and Waitress Day. I spent 6 1/2 years working at Old Country Buffet. I didn't spend the whole time working on the floor, waiting tables, but I spent enough time there to appreciate the hard work!  Also a shout out to my sister in law to be..Rachele who is a waitress at Zany Graze!!! (leave her a big tip, she has a wedding to pay for!)

wood sign by Etsy seller Baymanscottage

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